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So You Have An AdSense Account. Now What?

My name is Daniel Bewyn, and in the next three minutes, I am going to share three critical tips that you need to understand in order to build cash-pulling AdSense sites. In the past five years, I have built thousands of micro niche sites. I made some of them for myself, and some were made for friends and partners. I design my websites in a complete, precise fashion.

My “secret sauce” has 3 delicious ingredients:

  1. Driving people to click on paid ads
  2. Helping people share it on social media
  3. Ranking sites high in search engines
The Cat’s Out Of The Bag! But …

… If you tried AdSense before, or if you’re thinking about making money with PPC, you may know just how difficult it is to do those three things. The truth is, professional Internet Marketers have to go through tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of split testing sales pages, just to improve their cash flow by a tiny percent or two.

Here are the good news: with my offer, you won’t have to!

I know that you are interested in building a Passive Income Stream using Google AdSense, so please pay attention to what I am about to show you…

Make 4, Then 5, Then 6 Figure Google Paychecks With Your Own Fully Designed, Written & Optimized Google AdSense Cash Machine!

This isn’t rocket science – in goes money, out comes high quality product that your audience needs, month in, and month out! That’s why your site will be in demand for years to come. We do all the work, so that you can sit back and enjoy the earnings! Making money with AdSense has never been easier.

What You Get

I am offering you 5 years of my AdSense experience, to build you a website (or many websites) the exact same way I do for myself. I know that it will provide you with the break-through income that you want, because I’ve done it time and time again for dozens of buyers. Here’s how –

What You Get
82% Of My Buyers Become Repeat Customers

These websites are capable of making thousands of dollars with no real effort. These sites need very little maintenance (which I will help you with, if needed). You pay one low price, and you get the website.

82% Of My Buyers Become Repeat Customers

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Here Are The Services That You Get:
  • Competitive keyword research
  • Exact match domain (.com/.net/.org), 1500+ exact USA search volume
  • Professional WordPress installation
  • 2 unique articles of 500+ words
  • Relevant images with proper Alt tags
  • Keyword optimized content
  • Complete on-page SEO
  • High CTR WordPress theme with strategic ad placements
  • Google XML site map & Html site map
  • “Privacy Policy” page
  • “Contact Us” page


In a nutshell, we do all the programming, writing, designing, coding, and even basic SEO for you. All that you have to do is drive traffic to what we create (and we even help you with that)! Our goal is to make you successful, so you come back and order again, to buy more Micro Niche Sites from us. In fact, that is exactly what our clients are doing. Why? Because they love my personal service, and my team’s attention to detail.

What Clients Says

  • My site has been set up by Dani, it’s good, already got some articles in it and the theme look nice.

    Hazlan, Website

P.S.: If you have any queries, contact us at query@adsenseg.com